Your emotional recovery after birth

After having a baby, there is often a big focus on your physical recovery and getting back on your feet. Your emotional recovery goes hand in hand with your physical recovery, one informs the other. This blog explores the importance of this, how you can support your emotional recovery and sleep deprivation, as you navigate postpartum.

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How should I prepare antenatally for birth?

There can be SO much information out there around antenatal preparation, it can feel overwhelming. What should I read? Which class should I attend? What course should I invest in? I offer a few tips in this blog to help you find what feels right for you. I also signpost you to some amazing evidenced based sites that will help you access the right information when and if you need it through pregnancy.

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Positive birth story

A beautiful waterbirth at Stroud Maternity, I attended as Holly and Pete's Doula

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