pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes explore a range of postures, breathing techniques and guided relaxations to help calm the body and mind, and relieve any anxiety or stress.

These practices and techniques will help you grow in confidence, strengthen the bond between you and your baby, and help you feel more prepared for labour and birth.

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parent & baby yoga, and postnatal yoga

Sessions offer a chance a practise safe postnatal yoga for you after birth, and gentle yoga moves for baby to aid digestion and support physical development.

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baby massage

Baby massage is a lovely way to connect with your new baby, help soothe their nervous system and a chance to meet other new parents.

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Fertility Yoga

Using the tools of yoga to support you in your fertility, whether you are trying to conceive, going through assisted conception support and IVF, or maybe you're considering starting or expanding your family soon and you want to prepare your body and mind for that journey. 

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one-to-one sessions

Exploring movement, postures, breathing and relaxation in a way that supports you as an individual. One-to-one sessions allow time to assess your personal needs and apply the best approach for you.

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Did you know I also offer birth preparation sessions, pregnancy, birth and postnatal doula services?