Breathing and moving for birth

As an experienced doula, birth prep and perinatal yoga teacher, I am really passionate about helping families experience a calm and confident birth. This workshop is ideal for those in the second or third trimester, and covers a range of topics surrounding the breath and movement to support birth. This is for you to attend with your birth partner, or you're welcome to come on your own too. If you're planning a vaginal birth, this workshop will provide you with tips, information, space to practise techniques, and ask any questions you may have. Numbers are limited to ensure a personal approach.

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We will look at:

- How birth works, the stages of birth, what supports and hinders this, your amazing pelvis and how we can support baby's journey through it

- Exploring movement and positions for labour, using different props (with the optional help of your partner) 

- Breathing for birth, including the key breathing techniques that can support you in pregnancy and labour, exploring these and relating them to the stages of birth

- How to support movement and birth with induction, an epidural, and continuous monitoring etc.

Teas and coffees (and cake!) provided too.

Next breathing and moving for birth event is Sunday 3rd March, 2-4pm at Berry Farm


pregnancy rest and connect sessions

A nurturing and informative session, co-led by experienced perinatal practitioners Sinead Isaacs and Sarah Fellows. Suitable whatever stage of pregnancy you are.


You can expect:

A nurturing and informative session, co-led by experienced perinatal practitioners Sinead Isaacs and Sarah Fellows. Suitable whatever stage of pregnancy you are. Drawing from holistic yoga and pilates practises. We will be holding this session as a calming space, focused on relaxing movement, resting and connecting.

The pregnancy connect session will be a nurturing, collaborative and interactive space where you can bring your unanswered questions and we can look after you for a couple of hours. Including:
- Calming movement, breathing, restorative poses and guided relaxation practises
- Some theory about what’s happening in your body, pelvis and pelvic floor, using techniques to help you connect the physical with the emotional, to support you with preparing for birth, and giving tips to help make your postnatal rehab a little easier
- You’ll leave feeling relaxed, informed and empowered
- Snacks and drinks

This is a really collaborative session between the co-facilitators and the group - dive deeper into understanding your physiology in pregnancy, and the emotional-physical connections that support your comfort and help remove blocks you're facing in preparing for birth.

Teas and coffees (and cake!) provided too.

Next pregnancy connect session TBC


postnatal rest & connect sessions

A nurturing and informative session, co-led by experienced perinatal practitioners Sinead Isaacs and Sarah Fellows. Suitable whatever stage of postpartum you are, from just giving birth to years after you've had your baby.

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You can expect:

  • gentle stretching, movement and releasing
  • calming breath, restorative practises and guided relaxation
  • a chance to explore topics like pelvic floor techniques (engaging AND relaxation methods), prolapse and diastasis recti, core progression sequences, tips for your postnatal recovery and plenty of myth busting

Teas and coffees (and cake!) provided too. Babies stay at home for this one :)

Next postnatal connect session event is Saturday 16th March, 2-4pm at Berry Farm


Mother the Mother (yoga and reflexology session)

A workshop just for you, whether you're pregnant or are postnatal (recently, or years ago, everyone is welcome). As a mother, you give so much to your family - I know how exhausting, and all consuming that can feel. This is a morning for you to be nurtured, and offer you space to really rest, filling up your cup.

next workshop TBC


You can expect:

- Gentle flowing and restorative yoga, to support your pregnant/postpartum body, followed by a nourishing relaxation and yoga nidra.

- An individual reflexology taster, with Amy from ALB reflexology (or hand massage/reiki taster)

- Tea and cake provided, and other refreshments

Spaces are limited, to ensure a personal approach

Next workshop TBC

Baby and Me Workshop

Next workshop TBC

A fun and creative workshop for you and your baby to enjoy together (ideal for under 12mths) - an early mother's day treat! Baby yoga and sensory, photos opportunities, prints, and reflexology talks, bringing you a wonderful afternoon of connecting with your baby.


You can expect:

- A fun baby yoga and sensory session for you both to enjoy together

- A session on baby reflexology and it's benefits - with Amy from ALB jewellery

- A choice of doing clay or ink prints of your baby's hands or feet to take away (Amy can later turn these into jewellery pieces if you wish, at additional cost). 

- A mother's day themed photo shoot will be set up, with Sinead as photographer, to capture some lovely natural images of you and your little one (inside or outside, if weather permits). You will be sent all images after the session, one image is included and more can be purchased if you wish. 

- Drinks and snacks provided