Top baby yoga movements

Baby yoga is a wonderful way to connect with your growing baby, and support their development, comfort and sleep. I've been teaching baby yoga in Cirencester for nearly 6 years, and these are my favourite yoga moves to do with your baby, across a range of ages.

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Your emotional recovery after birth

After having a baby, there is often a big focus on your physical recovery and getting back on your feet. Your emotional recovery goes hand in hand with your physical recovery, one informs the other. This blog explores the importance of this, how you can support your emotional recovery and sleep deprivation, as you navigate postpartum.

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Tips for starting baby yoga

Have you recently had a baby, and are wondering how to start practising yoga with your newborn? This blog will focus on just how you can go about starting yoga together with your little one, packed full of tips to help you, as you begin.

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