My top baby yoga movements

Baby Yoga Moves - 6wks to 5mths

1. 'Bend and stretch'. With baby on their back, gently bend their knees towards their tummy and then stretch straight down. This supports their little tummies and digestion. Repeat 3-5 times, then start to circle the knees, keeping them bent (for another 3-5 times).

2. 'Open and shut'. Take the legs out into a V shape, and then bring the soles of the feet together. Repeat 3-5 times. 

3. 'Wiggle wiggle'. Holding your babies feet, gently start to wiggle their legs until they become floppy. You can also bounce their feet in your hands. 

4. 'I love you THIS much'. With baby laying down or sitting in your lap, take their arms in across their front, and whisper in their ear, I love you.... THIS much, and start to stretch their arms out wide. 

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Baby Yoga Moves - 5mths to mobile

1. 'North, South, East and West'. With your baby laying down or sat up, stretch their arms up to the ceiling (north), down to the floor (south) and one arm at a time out and in (east and west). Then take both arms out and in together 'you're the baby I love best'.

2. 'Happy baby pose'. Bring baby onto their back, bend their knees into their chest and turn the soles of the feet up to the ceiling. Encourage baby to hold their feet, and gently rock them side to side, or around in a circle. 

3. 'Ocean rolls'. Taking baby over your thigh, facing out, with their arms stretched over. Start to wiggle your knees to create a bounce, and check in with how baby copes. Then, supporting their shoulders, encourage them to roll onto their back, away from you, once or twice so they end up down towards your feet, ready to roll back up again towards you. Singing, 'my baby lays over the ocean, my baby lays over the sea, my baby lays over the ocean, so bring back my baby to me. Bring back bring back, oh bring back my baby to me, to me. Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my baby to me'. 

4. 'Magic drops'. Come to stand, and hold baby in front of you, with their back close to your chest. Step your feet wide and bend into your knees to take a drop. Start off small and build up to bigger drops. Take baby away from your chest if they're enjoying this movement, to offer a more independent drop. Face a mirror or another baby for even more giggles!

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Baby Yoga Moves - mobile babies and walkers

1. 'Baby tree'. Come to kneeling and hold your baby in front of you, with their feet to the floor. Bring arm hand around their chest, and take their weight. Start to lift one of their feet and bring it to their other leg. 

2. 'Star pose'. Stretch your legs out in front, and then bend one knee. Straddle baby over your knee, facing out or in, and support them around their sides. Let baby step side to side, balancing on one leg at a time as they do this. If comfortable, hold babies hands for a more independent move. 

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