Staying comfortable in pregnancy

As much as pregnancy can be a wonderful time for some, it may also be a time of feeling physically uncomfortable (hello backache and hip pain), and emotionally you may feel like you're on a rollercoaster even before your little one has arrived. 

Please know that whilst these things are common in pregnancy, it doesn't mean they are things you have to put up with or struggle through. I've listed my top support options for you to explore, to support your growing body in pregnancy.

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As a trained perinatal yoga teacher, yoga therapist, doula, and BRM pre and postnatal movement teacher, I know I am biased on this one, but I can't emphasise how helpful it can be to see someone on a one to one basis to explore YOUR body, because everyone is so unique. Someone that knows pregnant bodies and the discomforts you may be experiencing - from insomnia, sciatica, pelvic girdle pain, ligament pain, upper body discomfort, scoliosis... one thing is for sure, pregnancy often shows us our 'stuff', and you deserve a comfortable pregnancy as possible.

When I see people in my home studio in Cirencester, I'm able to take a thorough assessment of your movement patterns, posture, and explore where there are limitations that might be contributing to pain/discomfort. I assess for imbalances in the body and pelvis and how that might impact you in pregnancy and birth. We look at your breathing patterns and how this affects your body and mind, and we discuss your lifestyle, now and before pregnancy, where understanding any previous injuries or sports played etc. all help to build a picture of the story of your body. 

From there, we co-create a practise plan or simple adaptations to your daily movement patterns that can make a huge difference. My aim is that you have a deeper understanding of your body, how to help yourself, and some simple techniques/practises to take away to implement. 

I often support people whilst they are seeing other listed practitioners below, taking a multi-pronged approach.



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This is a hands on treatment during pregnancy, often where a bed is provided, sometimes with a hole for you to finally lay flat on your tummy (heaven!), on your side or upright leaning over a support. Many pregnant people report massages help to relieve pain and reduce anxiety. It may also help to reduce swelling, improve sleep, reduce stress and relax tense muscles. Reflexology can support you during pregnancy, but also in early labour.

Here are my recommended practitioners locally in Gloucestershire/Cirencester

Massage: Nicola Roberts 

Reflexology: Amy Curtis 



Seeing a woman's health or pelvic health physiotherapist can offer you a thorough assessment, particularly with the pelvic floor where an internal exam can be offered, and a set of exercises given. 

You can self refer yourself for physio in pregnancy through the NHS. If you're looking to go private and are local, I would highly recommend seeing Sarah Fellows who works from the Dyer Street Clinic in Cirencester 

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Chiropractic care can be a great option if you are experiencing imbalance in the body and pain. Contrary to popular belief, a chiro doesn't 'put bones back', but works with the soft tissues, which impacts the bones, to find greater balance. This might also support the position of baby in the womb.

I would recommend Laura from Dyer Street Clinic in Cirencester 

Osteopathic care can be a slightly gentler and holistic approach, and can also help to create balance and ease anxiety. I would recommend Ben from The Family Osteopath in Fairford

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