Fertility Yoga

Fertility yoga is about learning how to support your unique body in the best way possible, to maximise physical balance and emotional wellbeing through your menstrual cycle.

You might be seeking support through fertility yoga because:

- You're wanting connect to your feminine cycle, or experiencing difficulties with your cycle, and wish to form a practise that supports you through this. Perhaps you experience heavy, painful periods, have PCOS or endometriosis.

- You're planning to conceive, and would like to prepare your body and mind for this journey

- You are trying to conceive, or perhaps going through assisted conception processes (IUI, IVF) and would like to understand how the tools of yoga can support you through this process.


Sessions are held in my home studio in Cirencester and can be booked in blocks of 3. I am a trained yoga therapist, specialising in women's health. Forming a practise that supports you holistically is a collaborative process, and uses movement tools, postures, relaxations, breathing, visualisations, meditations and self-enquiry. Exploring your lifestyle and day to day patterns, will help us find creative ways to support balance in your life, as well as weave through yoga practises or create a bespoke practise for you to do at home.

1 x 1.5hr initial session, followed by 2 x 1hr sessions - £135