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Pregnancy and birth preparation support

Antenatally, our sessions will allow time to get to know you and what’s important to you, your hopes and fears, building our relationship and trust. We talk about your birth preferences and previous birth/life experiences that feel important and relevant (if you want to), I help you find and understand evidenced based information so that you can make informed choices in your preparation. In further sessions, we can talk about birth physiology and different birth paths (such as interventions and abdominal birth) so that you feel as prepared as possible and are armed with birth knowledge. We spend time discussing how the early days and weeks after birth might look for you, and I can help you form a postnatal plan. If you choose to have my support at your birth, we will talk about the ways I can help you during your labour.

Birth support

During labour, I provide continuous emotional and practical support for the duration of your labour. I hold and protect your birth space, support a calm environment, am a helping hand and support for your birth partner, and can offer comfort measures for you (such as counterpressure/hip squeezes, support with positioning that aids birth physiology, breathing and relaxation techniques). I stay with you after birth for the first few hours until you are settled, and can help with baby’s first feed.

Postnatal support

Postnatally, I can offer support to you and your family after birth. This includes help with feeding baby (bottle/breast/chest), bathing baby and nappy changes, baby yoga and massage tips, providing you with a nutritious meal and I am available to answer, or help you find answers to, any questions you might have. There is a chance to talk about your birth experience and reflect on this. I can signpost you to further postnatal support and groups locally and I can support you in your postnatal recovery (breathing, pelvic floor awareness, simple movements etc).

Take a look at my basic packages below for ideas of what I can offer. There are options here to have support through the whole journey, or just part of it. People are unique, as is birth, so I can offer bespoke support if there’s something you have in mind that you don’t see here. I’d love to have a chat with you, and see if there’s a way I can support your needs.

The Birth Package

Supporting you through your journey

  • 2 x 2hr antenatal sessions which include a chance to discuss previous birth experiences (if you want to), your birth preferences, any fears you may have, and postnatal planning. 
  • On call from 10 days before your EDD, until your baby arrives
  • Support via text/email/call in the antenatal period and postnatal period for as long as we are working together
  • Continuous labour support, and I will stay with you for a couple of hours after baby arrives until you are both settled
  • 1 x postnatal visit where I meet your little one again, and can help with any issues you might have - such as, provide basic feeding support or signpost you to further help, debrief the birth experience with you, help with bathing/changing baby, and bring you a nutritious meal 
  • Access to my library of resources (range of books/TENS machine/birth ball)

As a birth photographer, I include this service in my doula birth package, if you wish.

Further sessions can be added at additional cost

10% off my maternity, and newborn/family photography sessions and packages

Please get in touch to discuss your needs 

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'everything but the birth' package

You want to feel confident and calm in preparing for, and recovering from, birth

  • At least 3 x antenatal sessions to discuss your birth preferences, birth physiology and interventions, birth partner support (counterpressure etc), a chance to talk about any previous birth experiences (if you want to) and postnatal planning. We can look at how pregnancy yoga and active birthing positions can support you during pregnancy and birth.
  • One to one text/email/call support through pregnancy, and up to 6 weeks after baby arrives
  • Access to my library of birth books
  • 2 x postnatal visit to support with feeding/baby care/reflecting on the birth experience and postnatal recovery support

Further yoga/doula sessions can be added at additional cost

Receive 10% discount on my maternity photo shoots

Pack prices vary depending on level of support, please get in touch to discuss your needs

Individual sessions can also be booked

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