About me

Hi there! I’m Sinead, a mum of two and I’m passionate about supporting people in their journey to, and after, having a baby.

How did I end up here? After studying Psychology at degree level, I dabbled in various trainings and potential careers around mindfulness, counselling skills and other therapies. Over a few years, I worked for mental health and children’s charities, supporting vulnerable children and families. It wasn’t until I started training as a Yoga teacher in West Wales with Yoga Satsanga Ashram, that a new path in helping people opened up and I knew I’d found something special.

Fast forward through undertaking further yoga therapy training with Real Yoga, and having my own children, my specialism in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum developed. Fuelled by an emotionally difficult first birth myself, and even harder first few months afterwards, my desire to support others through the perinatal period became even stronger. I have now trained as a Doula with The Original Birth Connection. Being a Doula and Yoga Therapist means that I have a broad set of skills to draw from. I recognise that becoming a parent is so much more than ‘just having a baby’ – it is a massive change on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, one that often encompasses pure joy and elation, alongside grief and loss, on many levels. I am here to help you navigate this transition.

When I’m not being a birth geek, my other life loves are photography, art and music (and flapjack, I have a real problem with this one!). I’m very lucky to be able to integrate my passions – I’m also a maternity, birth and baby photographer – and include this offering in my packages and services. 

Whether I am a small part of your journey, or I am around for the full ride, I hold a safe and calm space for you. My hope is that you feel more confident, empowered and supported in your own unique experience.

I hope you can join me soon

Sinead x

Yoga and Doula training

2020 - Doula training with The Original Birth Connection
2018-2020 - Yoga Therapy Training with Real Yoga (registered with the CNHC and BCYT accredited)
2015-2016 - Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Satsanga Ashram
2016 - Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with YogaGlo (no longer operating under this name)
2015 - Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Satsanga Ashram

Relevant Experience 

Working in supportive roles for various statutory and third sector organisations, such as Mind, Action for Children and Barnardos.
Psychology (BSc).
Counselling skills (level 2).
Health and Social care - children and young people (Diploma)